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WAG pre-season training

Posted by journo

Posted on 08:35, Thursday, April 23



Daily Telegraph reports that the Aussie cricket WAGS will be attending a pre-season camp to better understand the function and duties of WAGS.  Should we do something similar in Hawkley,  for example training in the following aspects:

Scoring; keeping beer glasses topped up;  picnic making;  jelly baby supply while Hawkley are fielding;  cheer-leading for Hawkley & sledging opponents;  putting away boundary markers at close of play etc etc

Any thoughts?


Australia cricket WAGS attend pre-Ashes camp

The wives and girlfriends of Australia's cricketers have been invited to a pre-Ashes training camp at a beach resort in a move to reduce the stresses on long-distance relationships during this summer's much-anticipated tour.


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Thu 23 Apr 2009 11:27:58 AM UTC

Nick Davis

No subject

I think it is only fair- seeing as that us cricketers have been attending nets studiously for the last month- that the WAGS put in a bit of training for their pitchside support.
Can you imagine the damage done by the improper opening of a champagne bottle? the lack of sweet sustanance for Hawkely fielders? There is a minefield of dangers out there for the under prepared WAG.
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Thu 23 Apr 2009 08:13:07 PM UTC


respect for wags

Is is not enough that the wags are there to support 11 men who like to dress in varous shades of off white, while attempting to hit a small ball with a piece of wood??!!!!
Fri 24 Apr 2009 10:15:44 AM UTC


The Dangers

Think you might be on to something here…there is plenty of danger out there…‘stray balls’, fielders diving into WAGS whilst catching - the list is endless.  What if there is a medical situation? Who is prepared for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation after cheesy Dorito nibbles!

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Fri 24 Apr 2009 10:29:13 AM UTC


I have been in training

Quite frankly I don't know how much more training for the WAG's team I could do. I have been opening bottles of fizzy on an almost daily basis. I can now get the cork out in 3 seconds flat even when paralytic. 
I work for a sweets company, so you can rest assured I know what I'm doing when it comes to both procuring and eating sweets and I'm very knowledgeable now on the sugar content and hence the energy giving properties of most brands.
I don’t need to train up my voice for pitch side abuse. I am able to join in most conference calls at work without even the need for a star phone and that includes the ones in Birmingham when I am based in London
And as for making the tea…well I hosted a tea party for the WAGs a few weeks ago and we all seemed quite capable of both making and consuming tea although mostly we prefer Bolly.
So when it comes to which of us most requires some training…well you boys keep up the Wed night nets because these WAG’s are already well on top of their game thank you
See you all soon …chin chin G 

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Mon 27 Apr 2009 10:50:51 AM UTC


14 all out

It seems I spoke too soon on Friday when I said I didn't need any more training. I was at a party yesterday (or as we WAG's would call it a training event) and I only managed 14 glasses of fizzy before I was well and truly out. Caught by husband from behind and helped from the playing field into a waiting car. I have recovered from my injuries (throbbing head) and am now fit and well and ready to go back into battle (this evening) but it has shown me that frankly you just can't get enough practice in as a WAG. So please everyone learn from my over confidence and ensure you keep practicing every evening. I am off to WAG boot camp on Friday to top up my tan, more alcohol tolerance practice and to complete my degree in designer handbag identification and procurement. See you when I get back. Gina 
Mon 27 Apr 2009 11:54:50 AM UTC


No subject

I'm sure such selfless devotion to duty is an inspiration to us all.
Sun 10 May 2009 10:41:47 AM UTC

Nick Davis

putting this top of the agenda

some WAGS were noticing that this had slipped down the blog list. obvioulsy their traing is top priority and this will move it back up there.
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